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When Is It Time
by F.T. Chisholm

Recent developments, and news events, upon the American political landscape are increasingly challenging the livelihood of Christians in these United States.  Is it time to reconsider a "post tribulational" perspective of Bible prophecy--with a caveat?

When It Is Time Book Cover

Is there a caveat, hidden within Christ's emphatic warning of no one knowing the actual day of His return — a key, that  may now open up for us a trove of secrets within that amazing last book of the Christian Bible?

Within the (sh-h-h) Apocalylpse??

Indeed there is, and when unraveling this mystery with the application of a solution befitting our era of grace, we begin realize just why Christ gave us "The Revelation . . . " in the first place: it is to enable us to better prepare for His second coming, within this 21st century!

So that, after a carefully opening with the Bible's (and our Lord's) projection of a New Testament dispersion of the Jews throughout the whole world, we are greeted by a "side door" that opens wide into the very heart of the apostle John's Revelation of Jesus Christ.  —And then, through simple baby steps made by a young boy sitting upon his mother's knee (and later, by strident discoveries with his father),  we begin to appreciate two delicate sets of timing jewels (“clocks”) embedded within the apostle John's prophetic masterpiece.

Right there, in the very center of John’s Revelation!

In addition to uncovering the importance of these “clocks,” this book (which is the culmination of over 35 years of research) discusses the significance of:

  • Bible prophecy in general (“Prophecy 101”)
  • The “Rapture” and the Great Tribulation
    • Is the Great Tribulation the same as the Wrath of God?
  • The New World Order in relation to THE UNITED STATES
  • The return of the nation of Israel to her land, in the Middle East
  • The “Islamic Surprise!” & predestination -- revealing God’s heart for Muslim peoples
  • An “offset” discovered within the timing of the clocks (confirmed by Zechariah's prophecy) – & its significance for the Two Witnesses
  • The EpiPen and the mark of the beast – its significance for our day

And more . . . (over 300 pages)

What is the ultimate significance of such discoveries?  And how can so much revelation be discovered within one simple adventure? The key is found in the amazing flexibility resident within those prophetic "clocks"!

When will Christ return?
—When it is Time.

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