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Reason For Prophecy

The latest in the YouTube channel: REASON FOR PROPHECY



A Cry for Revival!  For within this video, we discover the connection between the US and the NWO (and more) --as seen from the perspective of two different Presidents--and particularly, from the perspective of the Holy Bible. What does the Bible say about (what we call) the "New World Order"? Where will it take us? Where are we now? Is there time for a "stop the clock" revival?? Shocking, and challenging, and designed for true Christian (mature) audiences—a definite "must see" for all who love, and are concerned about, where the United States of America is presently headed.



Eye Opening: Based on a revelation received while he was attending Times Square Church, where David Wilkerson was ministering in 1987, this video digs deep into the Elijah prophecy, as it was interpreted by Jesus Christ--and then turns to the prophet Daniel (chapter 7) where he shows where the third world fits into the New World Order--and how it performs "warfare."  A must read for anyone interested in current trends, as they relate to the Bible, itself.

The devil  and  "CRT" (Critical Race Theory)

Though to some this video may seem comical, be assured the issues dealt with in this video are no laughing matter. FT Chisholm is dead serious (no pun intended) and this material is for mature audiences only—as he deals with a dangerous and fractious subject. Yet or those who have been troubled by his earlier revelations about America’s place in history and Bible prophecy, may be rewarded, as they “read between the lines” and ponder a surprise ending. . . ..

The Corona War

Part One: In this first of a series of three videos on the “Corona War”—the seriousness of Bible prophecy is addressed by reflecting on the response of two intellectuals of the past century—while comparing their actions to a study in “intelligence gathering” during a time of war.


Part Two:  Now the "Corona War" passes from “intelligence gathering," into a vigorous defense of Christ’s “this generation” comment, made within the Olivet discourse—asking the viewer, “How would you have addressed your audience . . . if you knew you were not returning to earth, for over a thousand years?”



Part Three:  What lies beneath all of the "intelligence" we have been gathering?  Here, each of us is challenged to seriously consider the Bible's claims on on our future, as the stark claims of the "Black Horse" of the Apocalypse—now start to appear on the horizon, as a challenge to the middle class status quo, within the western world . . .


. . . For the scripture says, "Whoever believes on Him will not be ashamed." . .
(Romans 10:11)